Aqua star rain harvesting system, the company you can confide in for quality, service and value.

“Million drop of water … million ways to save them”


We like to challenge our self.

By constantly innovating new products
    Raising the standards of the Quality of the products and services,

Deploying new innovative products for
    Households, commercial and industrial establishments.

Partnering with our clients to bringing viable solutions,
    for the further mission to be the.... global leader.

Connected with our customers by keeping our communication channels
    always....... open and transparent.

Work with likeminded people..
     ....for the generation to benefit


To be a global leader in providing rain harvesting products and assist in
Implementing to channelize rainwater, thereby setting an example to the world about the “need to preserve water”.

Quality Policy

AQUA STAR has the choice of an alternative range of rain gutters, fittings and other accessories. You can be confident that the AQUA STAR range has been designed to facilitate fast, efficient installation and exceptional reliability.

Our goal is to offer the customers highest quality products by ensuring TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT.

Green Mission

We highlight the value of green initiatives through our advertisement. Partner with origination for water conservation, Tree planting and The company also uses solar energy sources in the manufacturing plants. We have installed Rain harvesting system in all manufacturing plant which helps to recharge and save water.