About Us

Aqua star rain harvesting system, the company you can confide in for quality, service and value.

About Us


AQUA STAR is a venture of Ponnore Group, having more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of PVC pipes and fittings in Kerala and other states of South India.

Developing and manufacturing various pvc products for domestic and commercial purpose our latest innovative product is “Aqua star” uPVC rainwater harvesting system (Rain gutters and fittings) which is a patented product,

Design patent number: 268478.

Aqua Star was incorporated on August, 2015 and it is located in Thrissur, Kerala. Launched it’s operations as a small and medium sized enterprise and the journey started with the design and manufacturing of India’s first corrugated design uPVC rain gutters. Our first product was Aqua Star Excel 220 mm (8” inch) width rain gutter and its complete range of fittings.

The company has grown significantly over the years. It has added to the capacity in production and increase the range of products and sizes which are
Aqua Star Delta 160 mm (6”inch) width gutters/fittings (launched in January 2018)
Aqua star Maxximo 320 mm (12” inch) gutters /fittings (launched in August 2019).
After registering success and acceptances in Kerala we have appointed dealers and spread our product and brand all over India.

Aqua star is a R & D focussed company. The company’s competitive edge lies in its long history of developing and improving the Technologies that drive its business. It has in-house laboratory to undertake various testing and inspections during the stages of manufacturing for Quality products.

The Company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Aqua Star uPVC Rainwater Harvesting system, revolutionised square gutters in India. Corrugated gutter is designed and built after carefully analyzing and overcoming all of the irregularities found available in the market. Which are a make shifting product from old method, they are built from cut PVC pipes and made into semi circle gutters and fittings are made of plastics.

The uPVC fittings, matches the channels or profile which make the product leak proof. We give 10 years of Warranty for our range of products.

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